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 Do you think cigarettes only ever relieve the anxiety they cause?
 Do you think your mind gives much more power to cigarettes than they really deserve?
 Do you choose to smoke?
 Do you think non-smokers have their own comfort zone, which is being a non-smoker?
 Are you making a mountain out of a molehill?
 Do you worship cigarettes?
 Do you feel you need permission to become a non-smoker?
 Is there any way of shutting up the voice which keeps telling you to have a cigarette?
 Does the thought of a lifetime of breathing in only fresh air disturb you?
 Is it possible to overcome a feeling of panic?
 Is not being able to have a cigarette the biggest fear in your life?
 Do you think that you were born a smoker?
 Do you think you are in control because you can take a long plane flight without smoking?
 Are you a puppet on a string?
 Do you think being a smoker is a form of torture?
 Are you both frightened to have a cigarette and frightened not to have a cigarette?
 Is the only thing stopping you becoming a non-smoker, you yourself?
 Is there something which does not quite add up with cigarette addiction?
 Do you want to die a smoker?
 Have you been deceived by cigarettes?
 Are incredibly huge sums of money made from the sale of cigarettes?
 Do you think smoking cigarettes wastes time?
 Are cigarettes harmful to your health?
 Would you rather that cigarettes were sold in unattractive packaging?
 Are cigarettes sold for the benefit of smokers?
 Is it your mind or your body which is addicted to cigarettes?
 Do you think heroin is far worse than tobacco?
 Do you think it is OK to smoke because some smokers live past eighty?
 Do you enjoy the whole cigarette?
 Are you a slave to cigarettes?
 Which would you choose to breathe: fresh air from a mountain village or densely polluted city air?
 What exactly do you think happens to your body when you are unable to smoke the cigarette you want?
 Do you believe that a withdrawal experience can go on forever?
 Do you think non-smokers are a little bit stuck-up?
 Do you think smokers are more social than non-smokers?
 What is the worst withdrawal experience you have had?
 Would you like to stop smoking now?
 Are you confused by your addiction?
 Do you think that your lungs only wants to breathe in fresh air?
 Do you think that being a smoker is a burden in your life?
 Do you constantly try to find ways to justify smoking?
 Have you ever cried because you are a smoker?
 What is the best thing about being a smoker?
 What is the worst thing about being a smoker?
 Do you think tobacco companies care about their customers?
 Have you ever stopped a friendship with a non-smoker because you smoke?
 Are you creating your own monster to keep fighting against?
 Is your cigarette addiction fooling you?