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Fresh, Free & Lovin' It!

There's not enough choices, we think there's a gap
So we'd like to offer the choice of breathing in crap
We won't quite put it like that, to the young in our fold
We'll spin it and turn it, make them think they're so bold

There's just not enough choice for the young at this time
Sure there's tennis and swimming and mountains to climb
There's bike riding, karate, dancing - jazz and tap
But we feel there should be the choice of breathing in crap

That's what's missing in the world, from Mullumbimby to Mozambique
And we think that we have a choice which is rather unique
It's a choice you'll regret taking, and soon realise is no fun
In fact you'll quickly discover that this choice is dumb

But then it's too late, ha ha you are trapped
By this choice we generously offer of breathing in crap
You're a poor child in Africa, like we care
All you mean to us is that you'll make us millionaires

Alessandra Liverani
Sydney, Australia
Copyright © 2009 Alessandra Liverani